The Steam Tug Part 10

The Coaming I think I mentioned earlier in this series that I want the superstructure to fit over a coaming around the access hatch. This so that water splashing on the deck cannot readily get into the hull. This time I first glued a 3/8 inch (10 mm) strip of plywood around the underside of … Read more

The Steam Tug Part 8

More Drawing Looking at the wheelhouse profile I had done so far, I decided that I really needed to cut a template of the sheer line and re-draw the profile once or twice more with better checks on the clearances between decks and a more realistic deck thickness. I took a walk down to the … Read more

The Steam Tug Part 7

Finding the Superstructure. Once the glue on the extension dried, I finished the cut and try session to sink the bow into place, and ended up only my normal 5 mm out. That is right up in the bow where the black paint and the anchor windlass can be arranged to conceal it, so the … Read more

The Steam Tug Part 6

Shaping the Deck. I want to put the deck into this hull without a lot of structure underneath. So the deck beams I put in are only in there with hot melt glue. I’m going to clamp the deck plywood down onto those beams to get it to curve with the sheer line, but just … Read more

The Steam Tug Part 5

A Cradle to Work On Yesterday I thought I was going to build a wooden cradle to support the hull while I worked on it. But this morning I looked around and saw a much cooler idea. Our son did our shopping yesterday, (coronavirus), and brought it home in an egg carton. And I have … Read more