The Plans Page.

This page contains links to model boat plans that you can download for your own use. The plans are in pdf format so any print shop with a big enough printer should be able to put them on paper for you. They will come up in a new tab in your browser and then a simple save will drop them onto your computer.

The Black Duck

The first plans I am adding are for two versions of the Black Duck, a fast utility boat that was used by the Royal Canadian Air Force at it’s Comox airbase for many years. Articles about the Black Duck and its history appear in the Binnacles for August and September 2020 in the Binnacle Archive. These two versions, the 20 inch and the 40 inch are not for complete beginners, you will need to understand something about interpreting boat lines, and the way to use them to construct a hull. But the boat itself is fairly simple, it will adapt to several different methods of construction, and it should have a very satisfying performance on the water.