This page is simply a list of suppliers who have been found useful by our members or friends.


Sources of Plans

  • Robert Allan Ltd. designed many BC ships and launches. They provide design documentation to modellers for any vessels which are more than twenty years old. The fee is $150 CAD (including tax) for a set of model-building plans. As part of their ongoing commitment to support the Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM), these monies are donated to the VMM without any deduction.
  • The Maritime Museum of BC has an online list of plans in their collection.
  • CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum has an extensive collection of drawings of West Coast naval vessels. The list is online.
  • The Vancouver Maritime Museum has a searchable database.
  • Russel Brothers was a Great Lakes shipbuilder. Some plans are available for free download, including the first Ville and Glen class naval tugs.
  • Vanguard Model Marine Ships Plans are model makers plans which were carefully researched and drawn using official naval plans and information from Public Archives. Ships are WW2 and cold war Canadian naval and government vessels.
  • Library and Public Archives Canada has many ship drawings, but it is an exercise in patience to find what you want. The good news is that there is now a collections search function that appears to work quite well.