About Us

Welcome to our web pages. They are, of course, a work in progress. But the progress is going to be slow. Simply because this is a volunteer effort by a rank amateur.

We have two major objectives for this site. The first is to make it the effective memory of the club. So the biggest portion of the site is devoted to the archive of our monthly newsletter, the Binnacle, that has been published since the 1980’s. We have about half of it uploaded so far and the rest has to be scanned and uploaded from old print copies. It’ll take time. In the Blog and Content pages, I am loading articles that are available in electronic form, many from the Binnacle archive. I hope for future blog entries from some of our members, and will continue to add articles that become available. The indexing of all this leaves a lot to be desired, maybe it’ll get better.

The second objective is to attract newcomers to the hobby and the club. There is a huge amount of information about model boating on the web, so I don’t propose to rewrite it, but to make available links that will help others explore it. Hence we will try to grow the Links and Suppliers pages.

But the best resource that the club can offer is , in fact, our members’ knowledge and experience. So, if you can, try to find us at the pond, and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask for help. We are mostly friendly and love to talk model boats to anyone, but are just as shy as anyone else with new people, and likely to respect your privacy even when you don’t want us to.

There is a contact page where you can send us an e-mail, including attachments if you like. You should get a computer generated reply that we have got it, and then a reply from a real person as time allows. There is also the option for you to submit comments on individual posts, and adding to our knowledge about ships and boats is welcome.

Editorial Policy

I have one major policy about the site. That is that a model boat club is no place for rancour. If you want to say something personally negative or insulting, please submit it, in quadruplicate, handwritten in Japanese on baby goat vellum, to the wildebeeste keeper at the Pongerup zoo. He/she, will be a lot more interested than I am. It’s very unlikely that I will be fair, balanced, or reasonable about this.