The Steam Tug Part 4

Measurements and Trials The next major step in the building process on the tug is to get the deck in place. But this means deciding the size of the superstructure. I want the whole superstructure to lift off so that there’s a large hatch opening up underneath, through which I can get at the working … Read more

Getting into Writing on the VMSS Website

Access to the Site. To get started as a writer of content on the Club website, what you will first need is a username and password from me to enter on the webpage log in site, which is “”. I will send these to any member who wants access as an author. When you get … Read more

Before the Vikings

The Sutton Hoo Ship. History, Egyptian Nile barges, Greek triremes, Roman Galleys, Viking longships. That’s the sequence, right? 8th June 793, Scandinavian pirates sacked the monastery of St. Cuthbert on the island of Lindisfarne. Alcuin, a Northumbrian scholar monk, wrote about it “Never before has such terror been seen in Britain as we have suffered … Read more

The Plank on Bulkhead Hull.

This is a description and pictures from my build of a model Thames Sailing Barge, also known as a Spritsail Barge. It will concentrate only on the building of the hull, but here, just to show what the finished model looks like. This particular adventure started with a plan from the British “Model Boats” plans … Read more