Binnacle Archive, the Big Update

That’s it, today the last of the back copies of the Binnacle that I know to exist have been loaded. It has been a major ambition of mine since I took on the website and now it is done. To all those who over the last couple of years have helped by finding and sending me back copies, my heartfelt thanks, I hope you find it rewarding that the Club’s “collective memory” goes back all the way to the first ever edition of the newsletter in 1984. That’s 397 editions.

A few are still missing, maybe never published, or maybe just lost, I don’t know. But by far the majority are there, and I have every hope that they will be preserved indefinitely.

I shall add further future additions, a few weeks after they are published to our members, so this is not the last update. But it’s a milestone for me.

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