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I am sorry to do this but we are accumulating a huge number of spam comments, 382 this morning for example. All comments submissions have to be approved before they appear on the website, but you can imagine that dealing with all that spam takes time. So the site will automatically close the comments option … Read more


The Binnacles for 1991 have been added to the Binnacle Archive.

The Steam Tug Part 14.

Very long overdue, but I have made a little progress. First an overall view. You can see here that the wheelhouse is attached to the top of the cabin structure. The roofs for the wheelhouse and the captain’s cabin are loose at present, I have put in a horizontal floor inside the wheelhouse and have … Read more


Binnacles for November and December 2020 are in the archive.

The Steam Tug Part 13

The future arrives in the post. Six months ago I was cruising the internet, looking at model stuff, and came across a site called Shapeways. I saw this: It’s listed at $19 CAD, unpainted, but look at the detail! But as you know, the steam tug I am building is to 1/24 scale. Anyway, at … Read more