Scale and Speed

Scale and Speed


 How fast does it go? ​​ All the kids want to know and it might get a little irritating, but can you tell them? ​​ If you’re like me, the best you can do is something wise, like “oh, it goes plenty fast.”

I always thought that since my battleships are in 1:192 scale, that their speed was a straightforward linear reduction based on that scale. ​​ It ain’t.

 After reading an excellent piece on the subject from the South Manchester Model Boat Club, I can now tell you that something called Froudes Law of Comparison is used to get from the test tank to the full size hull. ​​ If you can, go to and get your head spinning, too.

 I’m working on some tables of scale speeds based on the formulae given, and we should be able to time your boat on a fixed-distance course and work out the answer for those kids. ​​ 

 All at the next Boat-A-Thon and Power Cup event, July 22. ​​