The Steam Tug Part 4

Measurements and Trials The next major step in the building process on the tug is to get the deck in place. But this means deciding the size of the superstructure. I want the whole superstructure to lift off so that there’s a large hatch opening up underneath, through which I can get at the working … Read more

The Steam Tug Part 2.

How Fast to Turn a Propeller. I have a model tug hull with a 60 mm propeller. The question is, how fast should it turn? The starting points for the answer are the propeller pitch, that’s the distance through the water that the propeller would move in 1 turn, all other things being perfect, and … Read more

The Steam Tug, Part 1

I bought this fibreglass hull at a club meeting a couple of years ago. So with at least 2 months of apartment confinement facing me, (Corona virus), I dragged it out of the storage cubicle to take a look. It’s 37 inches long, the space for the prop is very large for the hull shape, … Read more