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The Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society Sail Section: Members can participate in a number of ways in the Sailing Section.

By building scale models of sailing ships and static models (non racing craft) for display that may or may not be radio controlled and launched in water. By building or buying a radio controlled racing yacht for competition or for just the pleasure of sailing. The organizing bodies that are critical to the sport of radio yachting are the Canadian Radio Yachting Association (CRYA), and the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). Also see The CAN IOM website for Coming Events.

The largest contingent of racing sailboats our club members sail is the International One Metre or IOM. The class rules are very tight with three one design rigs permitted and restrictions on construction materials, overall and ballast weight, and draft. There is a maximum overall length of one metre and a minimum weight of 4 Kg. These rules are aimed at controlling costs and enabling the amateur builder to produce a competitive yacht. For more information on the IOM see Radio Sailing the International One Metre and the WCMYA website. For IOM Class News see the CAN IOM website.

We would also like to encourage and support other classes of racing sailboats in this area; let us know what you are sailing.

For example the IOM, Victoria and Dragon Force or DF65 are all sailed worldwide. The Victoria and DF65 can be purchased in kit form and are very affordable to buy and sail. The DF65 Kit comes complete with radio equipment, and sails extremely well.

For example The Okanagan Model Sailboat Association has concentrated on the Victoria class because of its affordability. Many Articles about building the Victoria can be found on the internet. A very good article can be found on the O.M.S.A. site mentioned above, the RC Universe site.

For information on the Joysway Dragon Force do a Google search.

We would like to encourage anyone with an RC sailboat to come and sail with us on our sailing days. For all sail related activities email us at

IOM Victoria Micro Magic
IOM - Length 1 metre - 39.4 inches Victoria - Length 779 mm - 30.7 inches Dragon Force - Length 650mm - 26 inches