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The Dragon Force or DF 65 is gaining a lot of popularity around the world very quickly. The DF65 is based on a development class the RG65 that has been around many years. The intention with the DF65 is to make it a one design class which puts all competitors on an even footing with rules developed to keep it that way. The links below should give you all the details. Even though it is a very complete kit I'm sure you will enjoy doing the tweaks (as you will see from Eric Rosenbaum's building guide) to make it reliable. The kit just comes with the A rig (the largest sail plan). Under the rules for the class, two smaller rigs can used on the boat for stronger winds. Some of the parts and sails for the smaller rigs are available from Amazon Canada at very resonable prices. The links below will give you most of the information you require to put together a reliable and competitive RC sailboat at a resonable cost.

See the CRYA website for Activities and Race Dates. -at this link see "Dragon Force Resource Center" -sailing C rig with the Guys from the UK that developed the boat for Joysway -this is the source for the boats in North America, this is where your local dealer likely got their stock. -the UK site or what they call the International site. -RCGroups forum.

All the information you would ever want to know about the DF65 is on line.

We would like to encourage anyone with an RC sailboat to come and sail with us on our sailing days. For all sail related activities email us at