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David's scratch build IOM project "HAMNF BECK DOG" update.

HAM DOG, becomes HAM BK DOG, then becomes HAMNF BECK DOG

The design name of my first IOM started out in Oct. 09 as HAM DOG, in January it turned into HAM BK DOG and now, the end of Apr, the final name is HAMNF BECK DOG for all the designers whose designs have inspired me. The H is for Graham and Martin Herbert, and Bob Haines, A for Nigel Ashman and David Atterby, M for Don Martin, N for Lawrie Neish, F for Barry and Alex Fox and Martin Firebrace, B for Graham Bantock, E for Ken Ensore, C for Don Case, Russ Cozens and myself, David Cook, K for Bruce Kirby, D for Chris Dicks, O for Todd Olson, and finally G for Brad Gibson or HAM DOG for short.

Since my first and last progress update on Jan. 26, there have been hundreds of hours and more volunteers joining the build team. My brother Bob, long-time friends Jane Papp, Gail Penner and neighbour Sue are the newcomers. Bob Haines, Russ Cozens and David Atterby have been stalwart regulars dropping by like clockwork almost every week for the past 5 months! I can't thank everyone who has helped me out enough.

The HAMNF BECK DOG design/build project has been sooooo good for me mentally and physically. Mentally it's been an amazing project to keep my mind focused on something positive versus getting sad about my declining health. As I suspected back in Oct., my arms have gotten much weaker to the point I can't dress myself and require a caregiver to get in and out of bed. Physically and over the past decade or longer working in my workshop has been frustrating at times not being able to do the things I could do before but HAMNF BECK DOG has been different…I'm constantly learning new methods or techniques or if I can't do a task, knowing I have regular and enthusiastic help in a day or two is sooooo comforting. Life is about giving and receiving and as my helpers have said before, they wouldn't do it unless it was fun.

The last few months have been spent designing, redesigning, and prototyping, making deck, keel, rudder and interior components. With Barry's weight and help, the hull, far from finished did a float test in the bathtub which was a big eye-opener. It took lots of weight to get the boat up to the class minimum 4 kg.using whatever tools or things that weighed a bit were hanging round. The other interesting outcome was the hull draft which we measured at 61mm which is 1mm over the class limit. If the final boat is deeper than 60mm, it won't be an IOM. There's an easy fix if it is which will mean adding a layer of fiberglass cloth over the plug increasing its buoyancy without increasing its draft. Another observation was the amount of buoyancy forward which will hopefully minimize downwind nose-diving when I'm the boat is sailing at the top end of a rig wind range.

Just yesterday, Apr 29 Adrian Harrison sent me photos of his plug of Brad Gibson's latest design called 'Regae' which seems to be very similar to my design. Putting the plugs side by side and sailing the boats together will tell the real story. I can't wait for launch and measurement days.


David's new IOM was launched with many friends in attendance July 23, 2010. Mrs Ensore was in attendance to do the christening. "Hamnf Beck Dog" showed promise immediately...Good Luck David!