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Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. at St. Peters Anglican Church, 3939 St. Peter's Rd., Victoria, B.C.
Powered scale ships and Non-racing sailboats usually operate every Sunday at Harrison Pond between 9:30 and 11:00. This is usually a relaxing 'free sail', but regattas are held 3 times each year.

You can also see us at the Saanichton Fall Fair on the Labour Day Weekend and at the Annual Strawberry Festival at Beaver Lake. We frequently participate in other community activities such as Canada Day in Sidney, and attend the Westshore Mall Hobby Show in February.

Harrison Model Yacht Pond is on Dallas Road in Holland Point Park, 1/2 mile West of the Mile Zero marker for the Trans Canada Highway.

The Langford Lake Navy meets Wednesdays to operate their boats at Langford lake at 9:30

Radio controlled sailboats meet for casual sailing and racing the first and third Sundays at Beaver Lake near the Kiwanis's concession. The sailing season is throughout the year, but see our home page for up to date meeting times and places.
About Harrison Yacht Pond ........."Harrison's Folly" By Ann Lockley June 27, 1999

Dallas Road has many well known points of interest - Ogden Point Breakwater, Clover Point, Mile '0', and the fantastic views seen from the intertwining walk ways to name a few. However, one of the most misunderstood facets of the waterfront has caused more controversy then most of its more famous counterparts. Many still think of it as merely a meeting ground for the local duck population, yet Mayor Claude Harrison, in 1953, originally built Harrison Yacht Pond to be a meeting place for boats.

Measuring 80 meters by 30 meters, Harrison Yacht Pond, or 'Harrison's Folly' as it was quickly dubbed, sits at the bottom of Government Street on Dallas Road, nestled in a semicircle of conifer trees. For quite sometime, debris resulting from construction of the pond was piled by the side of the road before removal, much to the dislike of the park users and nearby residents.

Once construction was complete and the landscaping finished, Victorians quieted down about the folly and quickly forgot its original use - until 1972, when some thoughtless individuals began to race their model power boats as if it were, in fact, a yacht pond. The infuriated duck feeders quickly took their concerns before the City Council, stating that the boats were endangering the wild fowl. In time, legislation was passed that the basin "was designed in the first instance for the use of model boats and not for the ducks."

Compromises, including restrictions of the size and the time of year motorized boats could be used, were made to allow for all parties to live in peace with one another with a note that if the ducks found a "more convenient location" to socialize, the ban would be lifted.

Nearly three decades later, the ducks have to share the pond with boaters more frequently than ever before. The Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society uses the pond almost every Sunday for practice, and in doing so, has taken the basin under their wing. In 1998, the V.M.S.S. had a plaque erected that reads 'Dedicated in 1953 by Mayor Claude Harrison for the fun and enjoyment of model boating, Victorians and visitors alike". The ducks do not seem to mind the boats or their captains, or that the pond is cleaner - just do not ask the modelers what they think of all the duck poo!